Ridge Haven Property Owners Association
Lot Maps
These maps and list provide extensive detailed property information by linking into the
Transylvania County online Geographic Information System (WebGIS).
The maps are not-to-scale schematics showing the extent and layout of the subdivisions,
with the WebGIS showing a more accurate geographical view.

By clicking on any of the incorporated links, you will access the WebGIS site for that lot number,
seeing the property details and a bird's eye street map and lot layout view.

The WebGIS details include - Owner Names and Addresses, Lot Dimensions, Taxable Values,
Tax Records  and Sales Histories, as well as Google satellite views which may be enabled
by turning on one of the  Arial Imagery view options in the Layers navigation pane.

Note: the Ridge Haven Property Owners Association is not responsible for the content of the
Transylvania County WebGIS.
Panther Ridge Subdivision Map

Laurel Ridge Subdivision Map

Lot List with Street Addresses  (note: only lots with residences have street addresses).